Marrakech offers affordable and luxuries apartments for short stay for people to the Red City of Morocco, An apartment in Marrakech is a fun and exciting alternative to a hotel or riad as you’ll be afforded greater space and intimacy. So that, they’re frequently just as economic as remaining in a riad, so you have the best of both worlds.

If you are travelling with family or friends, you will all enjoy staying together with the extra space and facilities that the apartment has over a hotel room. Your own personal kitchen and living room along with spacious bathrooms and bedrooms! Some also come with the added luxury of gardens and private pools. Renting a Marrakech apartment on a quick term is great for your break in the area with much more freedom to do what you may want.

We now have list of apartments Marrakech offers visitors and alternate to a hotel or riad without break your financial allowance starting for the cheapest to the most costly. Marrakech is hot and humid virtually all year round with very little rainfall. As such it’s a case of packing a lot of t-shirts and shorts, and depending on when you are you may also forget about packing socks; sandals are sworn by in Marrakech and also the shortest time spent outside will show why.

Some of the reasoning behind ‘the red city’ tag Marrakech has is because of its architecture. Most, or even all, buildings are of a red façade. The architecture is well disseminating over the land and every one of the buildings is notably low. This is because of an apparent government ruling that no building is allowed to be over five stories high. As such the apartments, hotels and residential flats are well disseminating across the city and no area is too densely filled with structures.